February Highlights and March Goals

Hi guys! Are you having a good weekend? Have you done your homework yet? I have… bleh.

Anyway, this is just another sort of update post (kinda…), but it’s basically saying the awesome stuff I did last month and my goals for this month!

I got the idea from Megan’s blog, which is awesome! Go check out her blog!

Anyway, without further ado…

February Highlights


•Starting Weighed Down With Words! I can’t wait to see where this blog goes, and how much I’ll change!


•Getting band merch from Hot Topic. It may seem trivial, but it was my first time in Hot Topic, and my first proper band merch! I got the shirts I put up there. Also, they played nearly the entirety of A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, so I was singing very loudly, and very badly, hehe..


•Giving my entire stuffed animal collection to my sister, and putting my books on the shelf. They hold great memories for me, but I never played with them, and I knew my sister would take better care of them than I could. I gave them to her, and moved some of the books on my overcrowded bookshelf onto the shelf they were taking up.


•Ordering Dan and Phil shirts! I decided to take the leap and ordered the shirts above from the Dan and Phil Shop! They don’t fit perfectly (considering how short I am XP), but my mom’s going to hem them (she’s a master!), and I can’t wait to wear them!


•Watching the Grammys with my family! Even though Panic! didn’t win, Twenty One Pilots did, and their underwear story (that sounded better in my head…) was actually really touching! Plus, Adele was amazing, as usual.

you're a wizard harry.jpg

•Seeing the first Harry Potter movie. My sister and I went to our friends’ house for a Harry Potter party! We watched the first Harry Potter movie, drank butterbeer, and had a Harry Potter-themed feast, and it was AWESOME!

March Goals

•Beat Pokemon Sun! I got the game for Christmas, and I haven’t really touched it since then. I really want to beat the game, though, so I’m going to try!

•Make YouTube playlists for all my Spotify playlists. I want a playlist just filled with music videos (squee!), one with lyrics videos, and then just one for all my favorites!

•Write down every Dan and Phil video in order. This may seem pointless, but I want to make a playlist in chronological order with all their videos (including their side channels, the gaming channel, the, uh, crafting channel, and maybe a couple of VYous if I can find them), and I’ll need to write the videos down first!

•Make my mom an awesome birthday present! Her birthday is March 22nd (I know, I know…), and I really want to impress her, so I’m going to have to start soon!

•Reread The School for Good and Evil series. As I stated in my last Fabulous Friday, I get to meet the author in May (!), and I want to refresh my memory. So far, it’s even better than I remember!

•Start drafting “The Introvert’s Guide to Society”. That’s the working title for the sequel (of sorts) to another short story I wrote, “The Introvert’s Guide to Change”. I think if I edit them both and stitch them together (once I’m done, of course), I’ll have a novel of sorts on my hands, since “Change” is 20,000 words long, and I have even more ideas for “Society”. AAAHH, I can’t wait!

 • Get The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire and Dan and Phil Go Outside! I plan on getting the box set and I just… AAAAHHH I can’t EVEN!!! Two books about Dan and Phil?! Sign me up!

•Get I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. Obviously, I love all of MCR’s work, but this is probably my least favorite, just because I don’t listen to it enough (flawed logic, of sorts, but whatever). I figure that if I get the album, then I’ll listen to it more.

•Get Take This To Your Grave. In case I haven’t mentioned by now, I’m trying to collect all of the emo quartet’s studio albums (besides RAB *sighs*) in order of when they were released. Plus, I love literally anything that FOB makes (I couldn’t choose a favorite band, but I think I like more songs from them than any other. I could be wrong, though), including this album!

•Get Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. Ah yes, Helena and I’m Not Okay and Thank You For The Venom for driving to school and annoying your mom with your purposefully obnoxious singing. I don’t think there’s anything better!

Looks like March is going to be a lot of fun! Hopefully I can do everything I plan to and more!



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