My Story

Hi, I’m Bella! Weighed Down With Words is really one big adventure; one big story I’m sharing with whoever will listen. I spin stories, review books, fangirl, and more… anything I deem an important part of my life will make it to the blog.


I absolutely love Dan and Phil! They’re hilarious, and adorable, and just downright phantastic! I definitely relate to both of them (probably more Dan, but my friends insist I’m more smol and pure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). I’m an extremely casual shipper, but I think they were made to be each other’s best friends.


My other major fandom (or multiple fandoms, I suppose) is the emo quartet, which is My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and Twenty One Pilots. I LOVE their music, which is all really catchy, and most of it has a pretty good message. Plus, the band members themselves are so awesome, and adorable, and AAAAHHH!

book heart.jpg

Yeah, I’m a major bookworm. My favorites series are Warriors (Erin Hunter), The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins), Divergent (Veronica Roth), Percy Jackson (Rick Riordan), and The School for Good and Evil (Soman Chainani). I have two bookshelves, and at the rate I’m buying books, I’ll probably have three soon!

Anyway, that’s my story. There’s only a few more odds and ends I feel as though I should share:

•I’m an INFP.

•I’m a Hufflepuff.

•I’m in RiverClan.

•I’m Divergent (Dauntless and Erudite).

•I’m in the Apollo Cabin.

If you want to chat with me, or have an important question or request, feel free to send me a message here! I’ll be sure to reply ASAP.

Thanks for stopping by!